Letter From the President

Letterfromthepresident2Welcome to Lebermuth, a pioneer in the United States Fragrance, Flavor and Essential Oil industry. Our story began over a century ago when my Great Grandfather moved to a small town in Northern Indiana to cultivate, collect and distribute peppermint and spearmint oils.

Over the last four generations our passion for aromatic plants and the magical elixir they extract has resulted in an expansion of our technical capabilities. Today, our products are comprised of a broad spectrum of ingredients from fragrances, flavors, and essential oils, to enriched, high impact natural materials and concentrates.

We are fortunate to have an engaged and talented team dedicated to our customers’ needs for innovative ideas and fragrances. We have implemented the highest standards of quality assurance protocols and regulatory demands. Our clients find our team to be passionate, helpful and knowledgeable about the industry we serve, as well as a true partner that is reliable, resourceful and responsive.

We look forward to working with you. 

Rob Brown

President, The Lebermuth Company, Inc.

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