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The honey bee is facing more difficulty today than at any other time due to a decrease in forage area, disease, pests and the heavy level of pesticide use.

  • Beehives typically house 10,000 to 100,000 honey bees.  There is one Queen large and in charge. The queen is the mother of all the bees and the only fertile female.  A prolific queen can lay up to 3,000 eggs per day.   Worker bees (all infertile females) do all the pollinating, honey making and keeping the hive clean and productive.  Drones are males whose sole purpose is to mate with the queen.
  • Honey bees pollinate an estimated 33% of crops and contribute over 15 BILLION to the value of US crop productions. 1 of every 3 bites of food directly or indirectly benefits from bee pollination.  THEY ARE INVALUABLE! Pollinating over 100 essential food crops such as fruits, nuts and vegetables crops.  Blueberries and Cherries are 90% dependent upon honey bee pollination and Almonds are 100% dependent upon them!
  • Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) has wiped out some 10 million beehives over the past few years.  
  • In California, the almond industry requires the use of 1.4 million colonies of honey bees, approximately 60 percent of all managed honey bee colonies in the United States.  #1 crop pollinated by commercial beekeepers


  • My oils are separating when mixing, what do you suggest?

Try mixing oils with Polysorbate 80k which is food grade and will also make water soluble.  Fructose is so heavy; the oils are lighter so you need a heavier solvent.  20-30% to start.

  • How can I dissolve my thymol crystals?

Can dissolve in any of the following:  Alcohol & Fractionated Coconut oil and/or vegetable type oil.  Example  - 50% Thymol Crystals – add 20% alcohol & 30% fractionated coconut(good place to start (10% alcohol & 40% oil may work also) – Low heat – like 100F – mixing – the alcohol will evaporate off so that is why the oil is added.  It will have to be heated & dissolved all the way or as soon as it cools it will start to crystalize.  They could use Lemongrass oil also for the 40% part of the oil.

  • Any tips on how I can make my own Apigaurd type product?

This is basically Thymol gel.  Use lye to dissolve the thymol crystals, add water and sodium poly acrylate (Diaper Powder).  Just a couple of teaspoons are needed of the lye, not much.  Will have a brownish color.

Another keeper uses a blender (glass or stainless steel only) and scoops Thymol in a blender and pulses, sets aside.  Looks like powdered sugar.  Then adds the water and sodium poly acrylate (Diaper Powder, get on 

  1. ½ pound pulverized Thymol
  2. 1.5 pounds Water
  3. 1 teaspoon Sodium Poly Acrylate (Diaper Powder)
  4. Put in a blender on high for a few moments.  Stop blender mix by hand & pulse.  Should be like pudding.  Adjust to get to that thickness.
  • I want to make the Essential Oil patties, but it may not make sense to buy the entire grouping of products, I can’t buy enough for a discount.

No problem, go here. He sells patties individually. Located in PA, a longtime commercial beekeeper and honey producer.

  • Are you a beekeeper?

No, all the information we have is from our beekeepers that buy the raw materials. They are the reluctant chemists that have come up with ways to treat the bees and try and promote their health. Our patty recipes are courtesy  of David Hackenberg a commercial beekeeper in PA.

  • What kills mites?

Thymol &Menthol Crystals-combats/kills the mites that can spread disease or ultimately kill them.

  • Do you have a recipe for the Honey B Healthy type product?

This is an essential oil based feed for bees. The product was sent to Lebermuth and we attempted to analyze it on the GC, but it was so thick with sucrose that we could only read the following:

  • 2-1 Ratio of Spearmint to lemongrass
  • 30% Water
  • Unknown% of sucrose.  
  • Unknown% of Lecithin-Grass/Omega 3 food supplement emulsifying and acting as a surfactant with some good reports in human usage.  Can purchase Lecithin @ 800-381-0759 or health food or feed stores.  
  • Sodium Laurel Sulfate used as a surfactant.  Unknown%.   We don’t recommend using, really just for producing bubbles, foaming.  Very strong cleaning, found in toothpaste.  It is food grade, but we really don’t recommend usage.  A better solvent that many other keepers utilize is:  50-4665-01 POLYSORBATE 80K which is food grade.
  • What can I do to help the bees?
  1. Buy local USA honey
  2. Educate yourself!
  3. Support research for honeybee help at one of these great organizations!

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ABF Friends of the Bee



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