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ACAI BLACKBERRY NATURAL FLAVOR  Blackberry and acai blend together for a juicy, rich experience. AN, FLV $30.00
ALMOND AN The all natural fragrance a sweet, crunchy almond. AN $35.00
AN APPLE The perfect apple- not too tart, not too sweet. This 100% all natural fruity blend of crisp, green apple and a cedarwood, earthy base will bring a smile to your face. AN,IND $45.13
AN CANADIAN PINE II A fragrant, spicy blend that brings the Canadian forest to life with aromatic fir needle, spicy clove, and lovely lavender.  AN, HRC, IND, PF $31.00
AN LAVENDER CARDAMOM Delicate lavender and spicy cardamom dance over a dry tea base and a sprinkle of orange.  AN, HRC, PF $36.00
AN LAVANDER YLANG An all natural blend that is the perfect essence of fresh herbs drying. Slight notes of orange and sprucy compliment the floral notes of lavender and ylang. AN, HRC, PF $10.00
AN LAVENDER WHITE CHOCOLATE An all natural blend of fresh lavender and creamy white chocolate. AN, HRC, PF $21.05
AN SPICED GIN FIZZ In this 100% all natural, refreshing citrus cocktail, you'll surely ask for a second round. This blend is a bay rum type with notes of lime, lemon, fir needle, and lemon grass, with middles notes of ginger, clove, rose and cinnamon over a base of patchouli, vanilla, and aloe.  AN, HRC(R), PF $20.00
BREATH AGAIN TYPE AN Breathe in strong, cool eucalyptus, middle notes of rosemary and finish with a soft balsamic base. AN, HRC(R), PF $16.00
CHAMOMILE A delicate white floral blend that you need! The perfect scent for potpourri and makes a beautiful candle. CDL,PPR $16.61
CHOCOLATE ANGEL CDL This angelic blend of sweet butter cream, milk chocolate, and sugary vanilla will have you singing with the choir.  CDL $9.00
CITRUS AN An all natural blend of your favorite fruits! Fresh orange is prominent at the top, and lemon, mandarin and pineapple can be found at the heart.  AN,HRC(R),PF $21.40
CITRUS MINT AN Refreshing is an understatement. Fresh lemon and orange meet bursts of cool mint in this 100% all natural fragrance. AN,IND,PF $15.00
CLEAN COTTON Cotton that is as clean and fresh as a spring breeze, with notes of ozone floral, apple, musk, and vanilla.  CDL, HRC, IND $6.00
CYPRESS & BERRIES A fruity holly berry type with top notes of pine cederleaf, wild berries, cyclamen, pineapple, orange, grape, and pine, middle notes of heliotrope, pear, jasmine, lily of the valley, plum, yland, violet and rose, with an earthy, woody, musky, base note.    HRC (R), IND, PF $12.56
DAMASCUS A woody blend of fresh bergamot, eucalyptus and lavender, mixed with spicy cinnamon over a sandalwood base.  CDL,PPR,HRC $20.00
DESERT COCONUT AN Delcious creamy sweet coconut combines with sweet peach and sandalwood in this perfected deserted island blend. AN, HRC, PF $10.00
FIREPLACE SMOKEY II A smokey blend of black pepper, tobacco, and hearty spices. A smoked wood note is at the base of this scent that is perfect for candles. CDL $20.50
FRESH ORANGE The very best of a fresh squeezed orange, with notes of sweet orange, lemon, and clementine.  IND,PF $6.00
GIN AND ROSEWATER Fruity notes of orange, grapefruit, peach and apple blend with a cedarwood base. HRC $15.68
LOVE II You will love this orange, geranium and patchouli blend.  ESSENTIAL OIL ONLY BLEND AN,PF $30.00
MANGO BASE* True Mango odor CDL,SP $10.50
MANGO MANDARIN Exactly what it sounds like.  Mango and Mandarin fruits HRC,IND,PPR $5.50
MANGO MANDARIN Mandarin, juicy lime and tangerine unite to bring you this fresh, fruity, fun scent! HRC,IND,PPR $13.76
MINT VIOLET LEAF CONC. An all natural mixture of lemon, lime, violet and spearmint. Refreshingly beautiful. AN,HRC $45.00
MOUNTAIN LAUREL Full of juicy fruit, this blend combines orange, cherry, strawberry, and pineapple with notse of plum, miny, peach, and pear. A rich, full bodied sweet type. CDL, HRC, IND $5.00
70-9804-20  NATURAL BLACKBERRY FLAVOR Sweet, juicy blackberry. FLV $7.00
NATURAL PEAR An all natural ripe pear fragrance. Fruity and authentic. AN,CDL $16.75
ORIENTAL GARDENIA BLUSH A sheer white floral fragrance. A bouquet of lily of the valley, lavender and violet blend perfectly with a warm sandalwood base note. HRC,PF $15.95
PHILOSOPHY SUGAR CHICK Richly sweet and decadent, this sugary marshmallow type is for anyone who enjoys the sweeter things. A Philosophy type. HRC(R), PF $6.50
POMEGRANATE A juicy, sweet pomegranate blend that will surely tickle your sweet tooth.  CDL,HRC,IND,PPR $4.50
PURE SEDUCTION VS TYPE A passionate romance of succulent red plum and sweet freesia. Luxurious, a Victoria's Secret type. HRC, IND, PF $10.00
ROMANTIC WISH VS TYPE This romantic blend of fruit and florals is not wishful thinking. Green apple, lily of the valley, pineapple and velvety rose make up this special scent.  HRC, IND, PF $18.00
ROOM SPRAY BASE II Mix with 5-15% of your favorite fragrance to create a spray. Mixes best with water solubles and most oil solubles.  PF $4.50
ROSEMARY TYPE FLAVOR The flavor of fresh rosemary, straight from the garden. FLV, CG $30.00
SCARLET II A sugary sweet citrusy floral type with top notes of lemon, orange, peach, apple and cyclamen middle notes of gardenia, violet, black currant, lily of the valley, rose, and jasmine, with a sugary vanilla, white musky, cedarwood, tonka bean and heliotrope base note. HRC (R), IND, PF $6.00
SPEARMINT FLAVOR NATURAL A fresh spearmint taste. FLV, AN $20.00
TRANQUILITY AN An all natural peaceful, yet stimulating, blend of citrus.  AN $24.00
VANILLA BUTTERY* Sweet vanilla drenched in rich butter. A perfect candle scent. CDL,SP,HRC $7.50
WHITE CITRUS VEIL AN A perfect all natural spa like fragrance with notes of fresh lemon, bergamot, geranium, lavender and cedarwood raspberry base. AN, HRC, PF $30.00


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