Customer Service

One of the hallmarks that Lebermuth has built our name on is our outstanding customer service team. Being a fifth generation family owned business means that building solid trustworthy relationships with our customers is our top priority. We are committed to remain responsive to our customers’ needs by consistently responding with honesty, integrity and excellence. Jim Fuchs, Lebermuth Chief Perfumer states that “Constant and clear communication with our customers is just as necessary as our technical skill. We are diligent in our efforts to ensure excellent customer service throughout your entire product development.”

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The Lebermuth



Direct-to-Grower Relationships

Many of our grower relationships are generations-long and generations-strong. We travel the world throughout the year to survey the crops and predict market fluctuations. Our hands-on involvement with our growers ensures quality products and a more direct supply chain. 

Putting Nature Back in Natural

Natural isn't new. Not for Lebermuth. We've been natural since we began. After all, essential oils come from natural plants, truly giving your consumers what they're looking for in your product: clean label, recognizable ingredients, and natural and organic sources. 



We listen. We partner with you to determine what your needs. We collaborate with your development team to make sure your product meets those needs.  



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