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What does the "*" mean on some items? [ important! ]

The "*" means "not for internal consumption".  Don't eat or drink these.  All items have an MSDS (material safety data sheet) which will advise you of any potential hazzards.

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What is the definition of “X” in some of the essential oils Lebermuth offers?

The “X” in the description refers to a concentration or a multiplication of an essential oil.

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What does 40/42 in the description Lavender 40/42 mean?

Lavender oil, like may essential oils, contains many different components. Two of the key components in Lavender oil are Linalool and Linalyl Acetate. The 40/42 refers to the percentage of these two components in Lebermuth’s commercial grade essential oil, Lavender 40/42.

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How do I make a water soluble room spray?

Most of our fragrances are oil based fragrances and will not solubilize in water. Contact your Account Executive or Customers Service Representative and ask them about purchasing our SURFACTANT BLEND 2000 (sold in minimum 25 pound quantities).

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How do I calculate fragrance loads for hot and cold processed soap?

The load of fragrance oil for cold processed soap is a personal choice: however, the general recommendation for all products using fragrance in a consumer product is from .05% to 5% depending on the fragrance and the intended application. IFRA compliance reports are available upon request for each of our fragrances.

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What is the difference between fragrance oils, essential oils, and all natural fragrances?

Essential oils are oils that are derived from botanicals or plants via steam distillation or cold press process. Lebermuth defines pure grade essential oils as “Based on the quality control systems and laboratory analysis of the oils we purchase, we have determined the oil to be pure and natural, not containing synthetic chemicals or non-natural adulteration components.” Natural fragrances are fragrances that are comprised of essential oils and natural ingredients. Fragrances are oils that can include essential oils, natural fragrances, and synthetic aroma chemicals.

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Why do fragrance oils vary in color?

Some of the reasons for these variations include:
1) Aroma chemicals, essential oils, and absolutes may inherently contain color.
2) Oxidation can cause a fragrance to discolor. We recommend you keep your containers properly sealed and as full as possible. The use of nitrogen for preservation will extend the life of your oils and limit oxidation.

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Can I use Lebermuth’s fragrances directly on my skin?

No, we do not recommend ANY fragrance be applied directly on the skin. The fragrances we produce are powerful concentrated oils and are designed to be diluted in carrier oils or be incorporated into a finished product. Only “Fine Fragrances” solubilized into alcohol can be applied on skin.

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What do the Usage Codes mean?

We use short codes to describe the many different ways Lebermuth products can be used. Here are the main ones you'll find in our shop:

AN All-Natural
CDL Candle
CG Commercial Grade
DF Diffuser
FF Fine Fragrance
FLV Flavor
K Kosher
GEL Gel Candle
HRC Hair Care / Cosmetic
IND Industrial
INS Incense
PF Phthalate Free
PG Pure Grade
PPR Potpourri
SP Soap



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What is the minimum order?

Minimum order of one (1) pound per oil.  Exceptions for precious oils sold in ounce quantities

A $20 processing fee applies to all orders (online and phone) totaling less than $300

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How can I get a product sample?

Limit of ten (10) samples per order

Lebermuth may choose to deny a sample order request

*   Sample orders are for applications testing purposes, as opposed to Lebermuth selling sample sizes  

*   The following are considered in processing a sample request:  an account’s historical sales and previous sample shipments, and current product availability

Fee per sample:

*   $2 per fragrance, for a ½ ounce sample

*   $5 per essential oil and flavor, for a ½ once sample

*   $10 per premium essential oil and organic, for a 1-gram sample – premium essential oil is defined as one where Lebermuth’s selling price per pound is $100 or greater

*   Due to dynamic market conditions, prices may fluctuate without notice 

Shipping charges:

*   For the contiguous 48 states, flat $15 shipping fee

*   Actual shipping fees will be charged for Alaska, Hawaii and international shipments – these shipping fees can vary greatly

*   Hazardous material fees may apply and will be added, as applicable

*   If a customer has a UPS or FedEx account established, Lebermuth can use the account to ship collect

There are no returns or refunds on sample orders

Sample orders currently cannot be placed online, but can be emailed to Customer Service:  info@lebermuth.com or via phone 800.648.1123

Sample orders cannot be shipped with regular orders because they are processed through separate departments

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How long will it take for my order to arrive after you ship?

If your order is shipping via UPS or FEDEX and you have provided us with your email address, you will receive an email for the carrier of your choice. The email will contain the tracking number of your shipment. Simply go to the carrier’s website and key in your tracking number into their provided field for information on when your shipment will arrive. You can also set up an automatic reminder notices on each carrier’s website for updated delivery information.

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What is a flashpoint?

Flashpoint is the lowest temperature at which liquid in a specified apparatus will give off sufficient vapor to ignite momentarily on application of flame.

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How fast will you ship my order?

Most orders for stock items will ship within 72 business hours after receipt. Manufactured items such as fragrances and flavors will ship in 5 business days (assuming all components are on hand and have passed quality control). Shipment lead time for products that require distillation will vary. Your sales representative can provide you with this information. During our busy season (June through November), orders may take longer to process. Should this situation exist, your Lebermuth representative will inform you (see “Add-Ons” for additional information).

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Using Our Website

How do I create a new account?

  1. Click Register at the top of the page
  2. Fill in your email, password, billing, and shipping (if different) info
  3. Subscribe to our newletters
  4. Click the "Register" button at the bottom
  5. You'll be immediately logged in

Next time you visit us, click login.

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I forgot my password.

  1. Click "Login" at the top
  2. Click "forgot your password?" (see image below)
  3. Type in your email address and click send
  4. You'll receive an email with a temporary password
  5. Login with the new password
  6. You'll immediately be given a chance to change your password to something memorable
  7. Click "Save"


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Search for an Item - by name or partial name

  1. Top right of page is "SEARCH"
  2. Type in part of the item you're looking for
  3. For example, try "tea"
  4. A list of items will immediately appear, it doesn't matter where in the item name it appears (see image below)
  5. Click an item to view
  6. Or - click "view all results"

NOTE:  you must be logged in to view pricing

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Search for an Item - by Item #

Exactly the same as searching by Item Name - you can easily search by Item # if you already know it.  For example, in the below image we typed the beginning of an item number and received multiple results:

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Search for an Item - browse categories, profiles, features

  1. Click "Shop Now" at the top right of any page
  2. Select the "Department": Fragrances, Flavors, Essential Oils, etc.
  3. Use the "Narrow Results" section to pick a category or profile or feature (image 1)
  4. To remove a previously selected category, profile, or feature - click the 'x' next to what you selected (image 2)

Image 1 - click an option

Image 2 - remove a selection by clicking the 'x'


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Search for an Item - search for categories, profiles, features

Similar to browsing above, but if you know you're looking for a "woody" profile - simply type "woody" into the search box at the top and you'll immediately get a list of all Lebermuth items in our catalog with that profile.  Example:

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