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At Lebermuth, essential oils from around the world are gathered, analyzed for purity and color, redistilled if necessary, and combined together to produce a wide range of flavors. Manufacturers use our delicious combinations in the food, beverage, oral care, confection, and many more industries! Lebermuth offers natural, nature-identical, and artificial flavoring substances.

Sourcing Flavor Ingredients

Lebermuth’s Vendor Qualification Program makes flavor sourcingsource quality and purity assurance available to our customers. Each of our sources, which span the globe in over 30 countries, must submit documentation outlining product specifications, labeling standards and container compliance for every product to satisfy our uncompromising standards for pure, consistent and reliable essential oils. Cultivated over generations, we share unmatched relationships with our growers, who share our commitment to producing the highest quality ingredients. With this solid foundation of grower-direct premium oils, Lebermuth supplies customers with a solid source of purity and quality.


The Art of Flavor Creation

flavor formulationThe art of flavor creation is accomplished through our highly trained and unique individuals who have a passion for creating taste sensations. Our flavorists are developing new and distinctive flavors using extensive scientific knowledge of the chemical palette with artistic creativity. We communicate extensively with our customers to understand exactly what type of flavor you are seeking, how it will be used, and any special requirements needed. Contact our sales department to start developing your unique flavor today!

Why Choose Lebermuth?



We go to the ends of the earth to bring you the finest mother nature has to offer. Being "green" has always been and will always be the true essence of Lebermuth.

Customer Care

One of the hallmarks that Lebermuth has built its name on is our outstanding customer service. Being a fifth generation family owned business means that building a solid trustworthy relationship with the customer is our top priority.


Our flavorist and perfumers are developing new distinctive flavors and fragrances using extrensive scientific knowledge of the chemical palette with artistic creativity. 



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