Capitalizing on our 110 years of mastering essential oils, using OUR building blocks to create YOUR flavor 

Our flavorist specializes in sweet flavor creationsNATURAL
We source the highest quality material found in nature to create your unique flavorings, thanks to our multigenerational grower-direct relationships. 

We help our customers build their brand and increase market share through our innovative, distinct, and delicious flavor creations. 

We partner with each client through all stages of flavor development, from concept to completion.


Creating specialty flavors covering the market from  organic compliant to natural to N&A


Tea, coffee, water, beer, and wine are just some of the beverages for which we create flavors.CREATING FLAVOR


Alcoholic and Non Alcoholic RTD Beverages

Beer, Wine, Spirits, & Liqueurs

Beverage Concentrates, Mixes, & Syrups

Carbonated Soft Drinks

Coffee & Tea

Smoothies, Slushies, & Dairy Drinks

Sports Drinks, Juice, Nectar, & Other Still Drinks

Sugar-Free Formulations

TTB Flavors (CLICK HERE to download a list of TTB flavors)

Lebermuth creates flavors for confections, candies, chewies, and moreAND MORE:

Caramels, Nougats, & Fondants

Chewing/Bubble Gum


Gummies, Jellies, & Chews

Hard & Soft Boiled Sweets


Medicated & Seasonal Confectionery


Flavors can be used in lip balm and other personal care products.CLEAN LABEL

You know your customers check labels and expect to see names of ingredients they recognize and are comfortable giving to their families.

We specialize in naturals and offer organic and non-GMO products so you can be sure you're giving customers high quality flavors they expect from your product.

Clean label flavorings are often used in personal care items like lip balms. 


Pre-workout drink mixes commonly contain caffeine, and BitterEnd™ can reduce the bitterness









BitterEnd™ by Lebermuth naturally and effectively reduces bitterness so consumers simply recognize that your products taste great.

Read more about BitterEnd™ HERE





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The Lebermuth Difference


Direct-to-Grower Relationships

Many of our grower relationships are generations-long and generations-strong. We travel the world throughout the year to survey the crops and predict market fluctuations. Our hands-on involvement with our growers ensures quality products and a more direct supply chain. 

Putting Nature Back in Natural

Natural isn't new. Not for Lebermuth. We've been natural since we began. After all, essential oils come from natural plants, truly giving your consumers what they're looking for in your product: clean label, recognizable ingredients, and natural and organic sources. 



We listen. We partner with you to determine what your needs. We collaborate with your development team to make sure your product meets those needs.  



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