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Our history is your future

Lebermuth is built on a foundation of trust, mutual respect, and common goals. Since the very first transaction on the side of a country road, our family has paved the way for a legacy of client satisfaction and long-standing relationships. Our deep appreciation for nature has never waned and remains our most endeared partner. Our talented and experienced team is ready and able to create customized olfactive solutions for you, with you.



It's our nature

Over the past century, Lebermuth has grown its global network of farm partners. We’ve worked together to ensure the sustainability of the crops and the communities that depend on them.

We know that quality ingredients result in quality fragrances, especially when they are enhanced by the passion of people and respect for the ecosystem. With Lebermuth as your partner, you get responsiveness, technical and creative ingenuity, a direct supply chain, and collaboration in the creative process. Doing the right thing by people and the planet results in the kind of virtue that Lebermuth's founders pursued and are a thread in our brand culture.

Smelling shampoo

We're inspired to inspire you

Perfumers are often affectionately referred to as the “nose”. At Lebermuth, we’re not just noses, we’re nosy. We want to know everything about your business. Understandably, hopes and dreams are not quite enough to build and sustain a successful business, you need the right partners.

We understand market dynamics and have the know-how to create a signature scent that defines your unique position in an evolving marketplace. When it comes to the role of fragrance in your brand’s identity, we’ve got you covered.

We Make Nature Work™

Fragrance is a creative art form and behind the art is chemistry and complexity that can be tricky to navigate. The expertise of our cross-functional teams allows us to customize the right solution for your brand, your timing, your price point, and your product promise.

With an ever-expanding palette of natural, sustainable raw ingredients and evolving biotechnology, we are able to craft blooming fragrances that accommodate your profile. The depth of our technical capabilities positions us to formulate for just about any product, while our deep knowledge of regulatory conformity keeps your products safe and keeps you savvy.

Lebermuth Cheif Perfumer Jill Costa, PhD

It's just that simple

Step 1

You tell us your story by providing a submission brief with your product details, price range, olfactive desires, regulatory restrictions, and target demographics

Step 2

Our marketing, evaluation, and perfumers work their magic to submit trend-worthy, sustainable fragrances that meet your brief 

Step 3

We smell together live and in-person or through smell-o-vision (aka virtually)

Step 4

You launch your dream products and make customers happy (and sales bloom!)

Step 5

We all live happily ever after in a greener, cleaner world

They are one of the best, no THE best, vendor I work with. They bend over backward to help us, and it makes my life easier.
President, Sustainable Personal Care & Home Fragrance Company
Lebermuth is like an extension of our team and working with them has allowed us to become a leader in our industry.
Owner, Home Fragrance Company
Lebermuth is someone you can trust. They are extremely knowledgeable and will help you grow and develop your business.
Product Development, Personal Care Company
Lebermuth makes running my business a lot easier. They are reliable, responsive, consistent, have quality products at good prices. I have less headaches, and they’re just good people.
Co-Owner, Sustainable Personal Care Company
They have a great variety and are so responsive, that saves me time from searching out other sources. They're definitely in my Top 10 suppliers out of my thousand.
Purchasing, Personal Care Company
They've got good quality products and are a well-established family business that gives you a certain level of comfort. They haven't sold out to the big guys. so you still get great service.
President, Home Fragrance Company
Jill has done better than any perfumer out there. At the end of the day, my product is only as good as the perfumer
President, Home Fragrance Company
I like that they have strong relationships with their ingredient suppliers. They're very willing to go back to their suppliers if we have questions and it's never a problem for them to find out where they come from and why.
Purchasing, Personal Care Company
Lebermuth is the only company I work partner with for fragrance. I think of our relationship in a different way. It's more artistic. It's kind of a combo of art and then the science that we have when we're sourcing.
Product Development, Personal Care Company
Lebermuth is like an extension of our team. The things we do is very innovative with scent, it’s helped us come to the front of our industry.
R&D, Home Fragrance Company
Lebermuth allows me to offer a great spectrum of products to my clients. They are in my Top 5 of 35 vendors, other vendors take long to respond or get me product, not Lebermuth.
Owner, Reseller/Distributor
I feel like we get immediate results and special attention. There's a friendship relationship there, not just business. I am a firm believer you can decide to either do business with people you like and that you feel good about or people you don’t like.
Owner, Home Fragrance Company
The quality of their product is unsurpassed, and I have dealt with a lot of companies worldwide. Lebermuth is second out of my 10 suppliers.
Owner, Personal Care Company
We are balancing price with reliability and consistency, they're a great partner who make quality products and they are good people.
R&D, Personal Care Company
We have customers who are very detailed and want pure and natural, we rely on Lebermuth for that. They also understand the sense of urgency that most people deal with right now.
Purchasing, Contract Manufacture
I never have a problem getting our orders placed or reaching Lebermuth and they get our orders out as fast as possible. It’s really easy to get a hold of someone if you need to and they’re transparent and share problems if there are any. Works with 10-15 suppliers, I would rank Lebermuth probably #1.

Let's create together