“Do the right thing" is a defining element of Lebermuth, taking great pride in our commitment to people and the planet since 1908. Throughout the generations, the Lebermuth family has shown equal care and concern for the plants and the partnerships we cultivate. Prioritizing responsible sourcing and eco-sensitive manufacturing processes remains paramount as we continue to build our stable of highly renewable ingredients and sustainable fragrances that are safe for consumers and for the environment. Our brand essence is aligned to provide aromatic solutions that meet your brand’s ideals and aspirations.

Protecting-Our-Planet-01-1  Protecting Our Planet

At Lebermuth, we take our role in preserving the gifts of nature very seriously. We are invested in advanced recycling & waste reduction programs. Our commitment to reducing our waste stream ranges from energy-efficient lighting systems in our facilities, to recycling drums and computer equipment programs, to utilizing recycled packing supplies, and upcycling flavor and fragrance bi-products into saleable and scalable materials. We recognize the fragility of the environment and take precautions to ensure that our impact is nominal or neutral. 


Nepal Partners


Sourcing-Consciously-01  Sourcing Consciously 

Long before it was a topic of conversation, Lebermuth was fostering long and meaningful connections with farmers and their communities around the world. We are committed to mutually beneficial relationships with our supply partners and to sourcing fairly and sustainably. We offer a breadth of materials from a wide range of sources in an effort to provide options, including organic varieties while fostering renewability and encouraging biodiversity. Our supplier code of conduct ensures safe and responsible practices that reflect our core values and invite our customers to celebrate the same.

Ethics-and-Ethos-01  Ethics & Ethos

Lebermuth was founded on a handshake and a kind gesture. This compassion and consideration remain ever-present across the Lebermuth company and our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). At a corporate level and through the participation of our employees, we contribute to social endeavors such as Habitat for Humanity, Cultivate Food Rescue, Indiana Trafficking Victim Assistance Program, and Reins of Life Therapeutic Horseback Riding.

Our participation and donations positively impact our local community through various charities such as South Bend Food Bank, homeless shelters, children’s organizations, veterans organizations, and animal shelters. As a reflection of our global presence, Lebermuth makes an annual donation to Doctors without Borders to support those in need in over 70 countries. At Lebermuth, we believe in good deeds for people and the planet.

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Habitat June 2019
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Living-Our-Purpose-02-01  Living Our Purpose

The mission of Lebermuth is to “sustain and enrich the lives of our families, partners, and clients”. Founded as a family company and remain so today, at Lebermuth our employees are family. We are dedicated to providing a fair and inclusive environment and take our role as an equal opportunity employer very seriously. We are committed to our employee's well-being and offer programs such as yoga, on-site gym facilities, and gym membership reimbursement. Our “E.S.C.A.P.E. team” hosts interactive events such as ice cream socials, community volunteering, and an annual family picnic. We encourage our employees’ personal wellness and to find joy in their professional lives and a healthy work-life balance. 

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