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We are the industry leaders in all-natural aromas and have been making the world smell better since 1908. Our creative experts endlessly adapt to a changing world, utilizing high-quality, sustainable, ingredients to create fragrances that arouse the senses and create brand loyalty. 

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Baby Care
Shampoos, conditioners, soaps, and creams / ointments
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Air Care, Candles, Plugins, Room Sprays, and More
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Interested in the latest industry trends?

We provide our customers with in-depth marketing trends and insights reports for personal care, air care, baby care, and household fragrances to help your brand understand the landscape and potential opportunities. If you would like to receive an industry trend report, let us know your brand and market and someone will contact you shortly. 



Talented Perfumers

With more than 86 years of combined experience, our perfumers uniquely balance technical knowledge, with creative finesse, to design custom aromas or fragrance duplication that evoke sensory experiences. 

Your team has been doing a wonderful job with a particularly challenging fragrance project for us. I have been impressed by their responsiveness, attentiveness and most importantly, their creativity in working towards a solution for us. 

~Kimberley, customer since 2017

Jim Fuchs and Michael Love, Lebermuth perfumers, working on a fragrance.
Jill Costa
Jill Costa, PhD

Jill has a Ph.D. in Chemistry from The Ohio State University.  She has been in the fragrance industry since 1993. Jill has worked in several large fragrance houses prior to coming to Lebermuth in 2016.  She enjoys the challenge of complex technical projects. Her successes have been in a variety of industries, but specialized primarily in Personal Care, Air Care, and Industrial Products.

As an avid cyclist and yoga student, Jill pulls inspiration from the outdoors – using the colors, scents, sounds, and atmosphere to breathe life into her fragrances and blends.

Ellen Chen 2
Ellen Chen

Ellen graduated from the Shanghai Institute Technology with a  perfumery major. Later she worked as a perfumer for multi-national fragrance houses. Ellen has worked for Lebermuth since 2003, she loves perfumery as a combination of creation, innovation and technology and believes that fragrances give soul to scented products.  Her daily work focuses on Personal Care and Home Care products. 

Ellen is enthusiastic about cooking and enjoys outdoor activities. Her hobbies enable her to find a connection between well-balanced gourmet aroma and natural scents.

Michael Love
Mike Love

Mike has a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from Indiana University-South Bend. He has been at Lebermuth since 2006. He manages the reverse-engineering efforts for Lebermuth as well as working on creative perfumery. He enjoys the challenge of using instrumentation to discover fragrance structures and using them to guide his own work. 

Mike enjoys coaching the athletic teams of his three sons and draws his inspiration from the teamwork that he helps cultivate in them.

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Natural Fragrances

Lebermuth's Chief Perfumer, Jill Costa, Ph.D. defines natural fragrance and provides an overview of some of the natural fragrance standards, materials, and regulations (17 minutes).

Technical Trends in Natural Perfumery

Lebermuth's Chief Perfumer, Jill Costa, Ph.D. provides an overview of natural perfumery, it's evolution, and technical trends (13 minutes). 

Lebermuth Technical Trends In Perfumery Presentation-1
You're never more than one person away from your perfumer and the team


Fragrance Support Team

Our perfumers are supported by an entire team focused on the sensory impact of your product: your account executive, fragrance evaluator, marketing, analytical chemist, applications chemist, and quality assurance lab.

In-house Regulatory Team

We are committed to ensuring our products meet the ever-changing regulatory requirements. Between our in-house regulatory team, affiliations, and industry associations, we stay current on the regulatory landscape to provide our customers the proper support and certify our products remain in compliance.

We also provide an easy-access Regulatory Document Database that provides the necessary documentation for each of our product item number. 


Trend Reports

Lebermuth stays on top of trends by utilizing research and data insights to identify the key trend concepts that will influence the fragrance industry in the coming year. 

Health & Wellness Fragrance Trends reviews latest product launches. Explore Spring/Summer 2022 Fragrance Trends  and discover your next fragrance inspiration.



Formulating with CBD? 

We have been working with CBD since it entered the market. Our solid foundation in Essential Oils provides us the expertise and materials to create, innovate, and develop fragrances that complement the earthy aroma of CBD. Download our fragrance & ingredient list to find the perfect one for your product. 


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