We've spent over 100 years mastering essential oils, the building blocks of our fragrances

Lavender is used in fine fragrance, candles, and personal care products.EXTENDED PALETTE

Our extended palette results from our mastery of extracting essential oils from the Earth.

In the labs of our talented perfumers, this palette transforms into complex, sophisticated, and unique fragrances to differentiate your product in the marketplace.




Our custom fragrances scent many of the products you use every day


Fragrance creation is a mix of science and art. TALENTED PERFUMERS

With more than 86 years of combined domestic and international perfumery experience, our senior perfumers are unique blends of science and art, combining technical knowledge with creative essence to develop custom blends specific to each client.



Jasmine is a distincitve note in fragrance.FRAGRANCE TEAM SUPPORT

It's not just the perfumers working on your fragrance, either. Our perfumers are supported by an entire team focused on the sensory impact of your product: your sales representative, the fragrance evaluator, the analytical chemist, the applications chemist, and the quality assurance lab.


Lebermuth has vast experience across multiple industries and with many exclusive brands

serum jar 4200 x 2800 iStockFORMULATED FOR APPLICATION

Speaking of formulations, we formulate your fragrance specific to the finished application, and verify physical, olfactive, and structural traits to ensure the fragrance we develop works perfectly in your product.



Industrial and household cleaning supplies use fragrance.We have a long history of creating fragrances for candles.Set your personal care products apart with a Lebermuth fragrance.


Aromatherapy I  Baby care  I  Home fragrance/Environmental  I   Industrial and household cleaning  I  Odor masking  I  Personal care  I  Pet care  


2017 Fall & Winter Fragrance Trend ReportTREND REPORTS

We can't predict the future, but we can forecast the trends that will impact the marketplace. We provide trend outlooks up to 24 months ahead, so that you can develop a product that hits the right (fragrance) note at the right time.

Get the Fall & Winter Fragrance Trend Report.

Previous Reports:  Spring/Summer Trend Report for 2017 here.


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The Lebermuth Difference


Direct-to-Grower Relationships

Many of our grower relationships are generations-long and generations-strong. We travel the world throughout the year to survey the crops and predict market fluctuations. Our hands-on involvement with our growers ensures quality products and a more direct supply chain. 

Putting Nature Back in Natural

Natural isn't new. Not for Lebermuth. We've been natural since we began. After all, essential oils come from natural plants, truly giving your consumers what they're looking for in your product: clean label, recognizable ingredients, and natural and organic sources. 



We listen. We partner with you to determine what your needs. We collaborate with your development team to make sure your product meets those needs.  



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