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Aromatherapy enthusiasts love our pure grade oils.
Pure grade oils
Specializing in naturals for sensitive skin
Baby Care
Shampoos, conditioners, soaps, and creams / ointments
Fragrances for the air at home
Environmental / Home Fragrance
Air Care, Candles, Room Sprays, and More
It isn't clean until it smells clean
Industrial / Household Cleaning
Scents for household, industrial, and institutional cleaners
Fragrances that fit your personal care product suite
Personal Care
Skin / Body Care, Hair Care, Men's Grooming Products, and More
Forecast the trends using our trend reports
Fragrance Trends
Forecasted Trends in the Fragrance World

We supply quality fragrances and essential oils for 1 in 5 of the top 50 household and personal care products companies.

Talented Perfumers

With more than 86 years of combined domestic and international experience, each of our senior perfumers uniquely balances technical knowledge and creative finesse to develop custom blends specific to each client.

Jim Fuchs and Michael Love, Lebermuth perfumers, working on a fragrance.

Fragrance Support Team

Our perfumers are supported by an entire team focused on the sensory impact of your product: your account executive, fragrance evaluator, analytical chemist, applications chemist, and quality assurance lab.

You're never more than one person away from your perfumer and the team

Trend Reports

Lebermuth develops to the trends, showcasing the talent and skill of our perfumers.

Learn what will be influencing consumers in the next 12-18 months with our short-term-trends page and our long-term trend forecasting reports

What influences consumers most? Find out in our trend reports

Lebermuth has vast experience across multiple industries with many exclusive brands.

Experience the Lebermuth difference.

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