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Our Legacy


In 1908, Morris Brown, a Russian immigrant, would take his horse-drawn cart 20 miles from the small farming town of Bremen, Indiana to the city of South Bend to trade eggs and other farm produce. On the road from Bremen to South Bend one day, Morris was asked if he would like to trade produce for peppermint oil. He was unaware of its value, but decided to take a chance and try it. Soon, Morris & his sons realized they could earn more trading peppermint oil than they could with farm produce, clearing the way for M. Brown & Sons. The Brown family worked tirelessly in this new venture to support their families while providing a growing service to their customers.

In 1974, Irvin Brown, Morris’ grandson expanded the business by selling herbs, spices, and decorative botanicals. M. Brown & Sons soon after merged with The Lebermuth Company.  Our original ethics and commitment to quality customer satisfaction remained.

 Our family & company culture echo our founders ideals, in America's heartland. Our legacy, passion, & rich history contribute to who we are.  Today Lebermuth is still owned and operated by the Brown family. In the past few decades Lebermuth has been committed to employing internationally renowned chemists and formulators. The facilities have also grown to house some of the most advanced processing equipment in the industry. We go to the ends of the earth to bring you the finest mother nature has to offer.  Being “green” has always been and will always be, the true essence of Lebermuth.


Our Company

Core Values

Lebermuth prides itself on its mission statement and core values.

  • Do The Right Thing
  • Family Focused
  • Learn & Share Knowledge
  • Responsiveness

Purpose Statement: We partner with clients to achieve their brand success.

Mother Nature's Finest Products

From its humble beginnings of selling peppermint and spearmint oils, The Lebermuth Company has expanded to include not only many other essential oils, but also fragrances, flavors, and raw materials in its product catalog. Lebermuth has talented perfumers that create fragrances specific to our client’s needs, for many industries, both synthetic and all natural. Our expert purchasing team works to find the best quality essential oils and raw ingredients throughout the world, working directly with farmers and vendors from over 30 countries. Lebermuth also operates a production facility in Bremen, Indiana, the origins of the company, where we fractionally distill essential oils. Lebermuth believes in knowing where our ingredients come from in order to supply our clients with efficacious, high quality products. 


Educating the Industry

Knowledgable and Trend Oriented

At Lebermuth, we have staff that brings years of experience and expertise to the table. With this comes the ability to educate our clients about the issues, trends, and research being done in the industries we serve. Our goal is to be a leading educator to our clients and our industry.

  • Bi-Annual Fragrance Trend Reports
  • Monthly Product Launch Reports
  • Yearly Mint Report
  • Yearly Crop Report
  • The Lebermuth Blog



An Ongoing Commitment

Lebermuth is dedicated to sustainability and we continuously make efforts to reduce our carbon footprint. Lebermuth proactively recycles and its recycling committee oversees the entire company’s recycling initiative. We made a switch to biodegradable packing peanuts in our shipping department and installed recycling waste baskets at each desk throughout the company. 

Lebermuth is proud to work with farmers that are dedicated to incorporating green technology, including using less water for plant growth, utilizing solar panels, and encouraging the use of fuels that reduce their carbon output.


IFRA North America names Robert Brown to Board of Directors


February, 2018

IFRA North America represents the fragrance industry in the United States and Canada and advocates on behalf of the global fragrance industry.

“I am passionate about essential oils because they are the root of the fragrance industry.”


Meet The Browns

Lebermuth's Family Legacy Lives On

Robert M. Brown

Alan S. Brown


Melanie Brown

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