Our blending team on the production line typically blends orders less than 400lbs both manually and through an automatic and semi-automatic dosing system. From there on, we use different methods. We have portable mixing tanks that can support up to 2,000 lbs. Any blends above and beyond 2,000 lbs. are produced in our “tank farm” area, which can blend up to 24,000lbs batches. The warehouse itself houses tanks 100lbs to 24,000lbs.

Along with our semi-automatic dosing system, automatic dosing equipment was added to our warehouse in August of 2016. This machine allows blends to be completed quickly and efficiently and can produce both Food Grade and non-Food Grade products.

manufacturing essential oils
essential oil distillation

A historical and defining aspect of our manufacturing capabilities is our distillation center in Bremen, Indiana, where the company first began. At our Bremen facility, we are able to use fractional vacuum distillation to modify an essential oil’s odor, flavor, and usability. In this process, what some may consider off odors or flavors of an ingredient, are removed by separating components by boiling the parent material and introducing pressure. Our Bremen facility has five large distillation units, dating back to the 1950’s. The smallest unit can hold about 12 kg of oil, while the largest can rectify mint oil at a rate of 180 kilograms per hour. With these capabilities, we are also able to create unique ingredients and variants of parent material, including isolates and redistilling items that are traditionally not redistilled. 

In 2014, Lebermuth moved the company headquarters to a 119,000 square foot building just off of the Indiana Toll Road, near the Indiana/Michigan state line. By increasing office and warehouse space, Lebermuth was able to combine two locations and increase manufacturing capabilities.

Lebermuth Headquarters
oil sourcing


Lebermuth works directly with farmers from over 30 different countries, seeking the finest Mother Nature has to offer. We have a strategic purchasing plan in place, supported by our Supply Chain Manager, who ensures we have what our clients need when they need it.

Our employees travel endlessly to join in on the harvest season of various crops, including lavender in Bulgaria, Tea Tree in Australia, Mint in the US and India, and Citrus in Italy and Mexico. Stepping on the dirt where our plants put down roots and speaking to the farmers who planted, watered and cared for them is an unmatchable quality of Lebermuth. We believe in knowing where our ingredients come from so we can supply our clients with the best raw materials possible.


A core value at Lebermuth is “Do The Right Thing.” Through our Vendor Qualification Program, we live this value. Our program vets out those we choose to work with. Before finalizing each order from a vendor, Lebermuth tests a sample against strict standards, the documents accompanying the order, the labeling, and packaging. We also ensure that our vendors treat their employees with respect and fairness by enacting a Lebermuth Supplier Code of Conduct. We look for suppliers that provide fair treatment for workers, a safe workplace, no slavery or human trafficking, and proper treatment of the environment.

Lebermuth believes quality cannot be compromised, which is why we go to the ends of the Earth for our clients.

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material quality assurance

Quality Assurances

The quality of Lebermuth products is a historical piece of our brand.  Practicing high standards of quality takes committed members of our team, working hand in hand to test all incoming and outgoing materials. With each incoming and outgoing product, our Quality Control team takes samples of the material, checking refractive index, specific gravity, color, and odor. These tests help check for purity and consistency. Our team uses Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry to investigate each sample. Our goal is to ensure consistency between different lots and orders, giving the client exactly what they expected each time.

The Quality Control lab also documents information that is important to our clients, including Certificate of Analysis, Natural, Kosher, and Food Grade Certificates, and MSDS sheets.

Another aspect of our Quality Assurance is our ability to test our products in application. We have a knowledgeable Applications team that will test your custom design so you can envision the product beforehand in case variations must be made. In our Applications lab, we can look at viscosity, pH, UV testing, and products can be aged quickly to test long term stability.

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