Shipping Information

Export and International Orders

For shipments outside of North America we require a $1000.00 minimum order. These requirements are necessary to cover the additional work incurred to complete customs documentation.

“Damaged” & “Shorted” Shipments

Merchandise that may arrive to your facility damaged must be received and documented correctly. Failure to sign a bill of lading “damaged” and/or “shorted” for goods that shipped via a LTL (less than truckload) carriers such as YRC, voids your right to claim compensation from the trucking company and Lebermuth.

Processing a claim for merchandise shipped via UPS requires us to conform to UPS’s claims policy. Damaged merchandise must be kept in the original container with the product inside until a UPS representative has inspected the damages. Retain the UPS inspector’s documentation, and forward a copy of it to your Lebermuth representative. We will then begin processing a claim with UPS.

Full credit for damaged shipments is subject to our Returns and Credits policy. Be sure to contact your Lebermuth representative when a damaged shipment incident occurs.


Essential oils, fragrances, and flavors are sold F.O.B. Indiana.

Hazardous Shipping Information for Oils

Shipments of essential oils and fragrances that have a flash point of 60.5 degrees Celsius (°C) or less are considered hazardous materials (Class 3 Flammable Liquids).

Flammable Liquids with a flashpoint at or above 38 degrees Celsius (°C) can be exempted from the hazmat regulations when shipped by ground, but are fully regulated by air transport.

Any item designated as a hazardous material may incur higher shipping costs and longer shipping times.

If you do not know the flash points of the oils you are purchasing please log onto our web site and print out a MSDS for the oils you purchase. Simply key in the item number for the oil or fragrance and print out the MSDS for your files. Law requires you, to have a MSDS on file, for any oil you buy and store in your facility.

Storage of Oils

Essential oils and Fragrances have a limited shelf life. Proper storage of these oils will ensure your inventory does not prematurely deteriorate. Oils should be stored in full, tightly sealed containers. Be sure your oils are stored away from direct light in a cool place (60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit). For long-term storage of oils (more than 180 days) we recommend you nitrogen blanket the headspace of your containers to ensure preservation. Further information regarding the use and storage of oils can by found on the Certificate of Analysis and Material Safety Data Sheet documentation.

DEA Statement

Items designated “DEA” are regulated materials. In order to purchase these materials you must provide a copy of the DEA (Domestic Chemical Diversion Control Registration Certificate) along with the signature of your authorized buyer on our form “Authorized Buyers of DEA Regulated Products.” To obtain this form or to receive more information about buying regulated items please call us.

Shipment Policy & Notification

Most orders for stock items will ship within 72 business hours after receipt. Manufactured items such as fragrances and flavors will ship in 5 business days (assuming all components are on hand and have passed quality control). Shipment lead time for products that require distillation will vary. Your sales representative can provide you with this information. During our busy season (June through November), orders may take longer to process. Should this situation exist, your Lebermuth representative will inform you (see “Add-Ons” for additional information).

Orders that ship via UPS or FEDEX ground require your signature for delivery. If you would like to waive this requirement, please contact your sales representative. Orders weighing in excess of 300 pounds typically ship common carrier. If you don’t have a discount program with a specified carrier, your Lebermuth representative will suggest one so that you will receive our discount.

If your order will be shipping via UPS or FEDEX or common carrier we can e-mail you an automatic shipment notification alerting you that your order has been shipped. The notification will include the carrier’s tracking, airway bill or pro number, so that you can track your order. Please be sure we have your current e-mail address on file by including it on your order or when speaking with one of our customer service representatives.


Orders completed and not shipped within 72 hours of placement are cancelable without incurring restock fees. Incomplete orders are cancelable without penalty. Completed orders and shipped orders are subject to our Returns and Credits Policy. Customer pick-ups are subject to our Returns and Credits Policy. Non-stock items are specially manufactured per order and are non-returnable.


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