Request A Sample

Need to know if something will work with your product before purchasing a larger quantity? We have your covered, just fill out the form and Customer Support will contact you.

Limit of ten (10) samples per request. 

  • Sample requests are meant to test the application to ensure it works for your needs
  • The following are considered in processing a sample request:  customer profile and history, complexity, purchase consideration, and current product availability

Fee per sample:

  • $2 per fragrance, for a ½ ounce sample
  • $5 per essential oil and flavor, for a ½ ounce sample
  • $10 per premium essential oil and organic, for a 1-gram sample – premium essential oil is defined as one where Lebermuth’s selling price per pound is $100 or greater
  • Due to dynamic market conditions, prices may fluctuate without notice
  • There are no returns or refunds on samples 

Shipping charges:

  • For the contiguous 48 states, flat $15 shipping fee
  • Actual shipping fees will be charged for Alaska, Hawaii and international shipments – these shipping fees can vary 
  • Hazardous material fees may apply and will be added, as applicable
  • If a customer has a UPS or FedEx account established, Lebermuth can use the account to ship collect

Sample orders cannot be shipped with regular orders because they are processed through separate departments.

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